1. Images from Spring Lake, NJ to enjoy while my personal site undergoes a complete overhaul.


  2. “La Neblina” is a photographic journey along the Pan-American highway in northern Peru towards the high elevation city of San Pablo. In 1952 it was home to a leper colony that was visited by Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

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  4. June

    Snapshots from June now live.

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  5. Gombolo

    Last summer I spent a week in Gombolo, Kenya with the Norwegian aid organization Aid in Action. They focus onthe basic needs for people in undeveloped countries such as clean water, nutritious food, safety, and care. Everyone involved in the organization is a volunteer and thus 100% of the donated money goes directly into development aid projects that include: drilling for wells, building water-infrastructure, building roads and children’s centers, buying greenhouses and food for the schools, and the planting of papaya trees. Aid in Action has managed to successfully use competitions with prizes to encourage farmers to plant papaya trees on their properties. Their ambitions are that the villagers will become self-sufficient and be able to continue without financial help from the organization by establishing their own economy. Below are the photographs taken of the beautiful people of Gombolo.

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  7. May Moments

    Weathers been good and motivation high so enjoy part 1 of this month.

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  9. The Bandar-Log Journey part 3 is now live.

    As we near Jaipur, the driver we hired insists we climb to the top of a hill.  I am already reminiscing about this journey, now that it is nearing its end.  Slowly, as I make my way higher and higher, a Hindu Mandir reveals itself up ahead at what seems to be the top. Through a megaphone and some very large speakers celebratory music is blasting outwards.  On the hills nearby I can see more temples that are doing the same.  At the very top, a rush of wind greets me, and there, before me, the city of Jaipur is revealed. A roaring sound erupts as I reach the edge. The city’s buzzing horns, the music from the temples, beating drums, and every living creature it seems, is chiming in as if to coax the sun to break through the clouds. Finally, the sun does peak through the haze, as if on key to the beat of the drums.  Then the light explodes across the land, filling Jaipur with color. It is here, at this moment, that I can finally look at India in a peaceful state of mind: I sit on the edge of a balcony, under one of the blaring ancient speakers that has a broken stand. Groups of smiling people dance, celebrating the week of Holi. Happy Holi.

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  10. Now Live the Bandar-Log Journey Part 2


    The sun has just risen as I step out onto a balcony overlooking Darjeeling.  A deep mist has settled onto the city, and from a nearby monastery come strong deep voices, their prayers echoing out across the tea fields and traveling towards the peaks of the Himalayas.  Banging in slow repetition, the sounds of drums twist and turn upward through narrow alleyways and curve along crumbling walls.  I walk out and follow the sound of the beating drums, my heart battling the thin air with every exhausting step.  The people here are different: their manners, reactions, and the general way they interact with one another and their environment is of such a gentle nature. Their eyes have different shapes; their hands look stronger; and their skin is a different texture.  Here, four hours up the mountain, life is sheltered from the typical bustle of the cities below, creating a unique culture. Here, I do not feel like I am in India. 


    Glued to the window of the speeding train, I am transfixed as I look out at the countryside. It is as if I am peering into a time capsule, looking at a lost old world. There is a simpleness and beauty in the small moments I see around the tiny huts of villages: men and women performing small religious ceremonies or tending to chores; children chasing each other around or jumping into ponds. These secluded parts of the world, where life is slower paced and so pure, are what I am always searching to discover, so I can interact with the people and separate myself from modern life. Yet, they, too, are marred by the leftovers of the modern world from which I try to escape. Though far from the cities, mountains of discarded plastic bottles and trash litter the route of the train. Even here, scattered and unattended, they are giant reminders of our wastefulness. The train stops in a city a few hours away, and I hail a cab.  The driver zooms off, and again, as is so common in this part of the world, I must face the prospect of death by auto accident. I have grown desensitized to it though; my thoughts drift elsewhere, and I begin to daydream.

    Finally at the hotel, I put my things down and turn on the aging television, where I know will be a stream of mid-90s action films,which I can’t help but dive into, even though I should be resting for the next journey.  I am in a state of prolonged exhaustion, but my restlessness and the constant stimulation around me keep me up through the nights and days, and nights.

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