1. The Flower March of San Pablo, Peru

    Once a year San Pablo, Peru has a week long festival. On one of those days school children, teachers, and parents gather together and design religious scenes that they depict as flower murals. The murals line the main street leading from the cathedral at the top of the hill to the bottom. The entire town then marches on top of the murals as they light candles and give prayer together

  2. 120mm film desert landscapes shot on Fomapan 400.

    Western Peru - 2014

  3. Snapshots from Lima, Peru 2014

  4. Images from Spring Lake, NJ to enjoy while my personal site undergoes a complete overhaul.


  5. “La Neblina” is a photographic journey along the Pan-American highway in northern Peru towards the high elevation city of San Pablo. In 1952 it was home to a leper colony that was visited by Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

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  7. June

    Snapshots from June now live.

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  8. Gombolo

    Last summer I spent a week in Gombolo, Kenya with the Norwegian aid organization Aid in Action. They focus onthe basic needs for people in undeveloped countries such as clean water, nutritious food, safety, and care. Everyone involved in the organization is a volunteer and thus 100% of the donated money goes directly into development aid projects that include: drilling for wells, building water-infrastructure, building roads and children’s centers, buying greenhouses and food for the schools, and the planting of papaya trees. Aid in Action has managed to successfully use competitions with prizes to encourage farmers to plant papaya trees on their properties. Their ambitions are that the villagers will become self-sufficient and be able to continue without financial help from the organization by establishing their own economy. Below are the photographs taken of the beautiful people of Gombolo.

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  10. May Moments

    Weathers been good and motivation high so enjoy part 1 of this month.

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